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WiFi Networking

Home and Business

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Wireless Networking has grown over the years, it's so important to protect your personal and business information for your home or office. If you have frustrating wifi dead spots or poor signal, your wireless network might need some adjustments or access points added to get the most out of your wireless network. If you own a business and process credit cards over the internet and want to share that internet with your customers in the waiting room, you better make sure you have it configured correctly, so you keep your business network and the guest network as separate networks. We can help set up your wifi hotspot and keep your wireless network and credit card transactions PCI Compliant. Give me a call today and ask how I can protect your home or business. 

Here are the wifi networking services we provide:


WiFi Distribution

  • Wireless Controller Installation

  • Channel Distribution

  • Bandwidth Distribution


Access Point Installation

  • Extend your WiFi Network

  • Installation and Configuration  

  • Improving Wireless Network Performance 


  • Sharing Internet Service and Processing Credit Cards

  • Proper Segregation of POS Transactions and Guest Networks 

  • Content Filtering Service (CFS) for Connected WiFi Guests


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