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Data Backup / Recovery

Home and Business

At Home Computer backup and recovery, I can help you with backing up your data for your home or business. Setting you up with a backup plan that works for your situation. At Home Computer backup services can be there for you when disaster strikes, being proactive makes all the difference. If it's for your personal information or for a business that cares about there SQL Databases, you need to have the right type of backup system in place. I will help you set up the right backup plan for your data, so your important company files and photo memories aren't lost forever, due to hardware failure or virus infection.

Here's a list of the data backup services we provide:


Cloud Backup

  • OneDrive

  • Google Drive

  • Dropbox

  • Setup of Off-Site Storage


Local Backup

  • Server Backup

  • NAS Backup

  • Setup and Configuration


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